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TBK Live #65: The Larry Cathey Interview

The most random show on the net is back. Tonight, we are joined by a very special guest. The one and only Larry Cathey from Heycat Comics. We talk comics, life, and the independents. If you want to download the show, click the button or search for...

Sharon Meets Twitter

I am not new to social media. I started out on Myspace like so many other Millennials. However, sometime between 2006- 2007, Myspace seriously lost the cool...

Medieval Derpiness

As many of you are aware by checking out our fine website, the past couple of weekends, we were able to attend two of the most amazing conventions in the...

Word Vomit: Again

On her soul, darkness sets in
blades dance across her skin,
as droplets faintly waltz to the floor
Pains she thought she’d let go
again take their...

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