03-25-14-paltrow-martin-split2-tmz-1200x630 April 23

When Terms (and Times) Were Simpler

Recently, it was revealed by the Hollywood press that actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin would no longer be a couple siting “we have agreed upon a Conscious Uncoupling.” Pardon my French, but WTF?! What the hell is a “conscious uncoupling”? Is this the latest term for breaking up or something you’d expect […]

Alzheimer_Word_cloud_concept April 22

A Hero Within

Grandpa was a strong man who always wore his heart on his sleeve. He worked hard every day and after 30 years of employment at General Motors, he was forced to retire. That still did not stop him, he kept doing the things he loved, repairing and tinkering with all sorts of machinery and engines […]

fbookskks April 22

The Truth About Facebook

Facebook has become one of the biggest social networks, even bigger than Myspace ever was. We spend most of our lives on this site reading stories and statuses of everyday life. It’s the way we keep up with our family, friends, and even old high school peers. Our obsession with this site is quite scary […]

The Buzz KIll Live Logo April 21

The Buzz Kill Live #21

The only show on the internet that can leave you needing a home is back on the air. Tonight, we dive into what happened last week in a situation that doesn’t make sense to anyone. Even the big guy upstairs was left scratching his head. Have you ever been accused of cheating and had Easter […]

The Buzz KIll Live Logo April 15

The Buzz Kill Live #20

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry for the delay with the show going up tonight instead of yesterday. I know one thing that this show and this site means the world to us here on the staff and we will not let you down, our reasoning is because we want to give you all hugs. […]

fb April 13


Tired of seeing the old stuff you enjoy become brand new? I think it is time for a Flashback. This is our newest featured piece here on The Magazine and I have to say this one should be a lot of fun. We do a lot with Retro music around here, but there is so […]

the-bully-busters April 13

Bullying: An Epidemic Of Asshats

Bullies are possibly one of the most hated cliques in society over the spans of the continents.  We who have been bullied know why however, the people who bully seems to think it’s a perfectly normal way to express them self and for the life of them can’t figure out why they don’t have any […]


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