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Sharon Meets Twitter

I am not new to social media. I started out on Myspace like so many other Millennials. However, sometime between 2006- 2007, Myspace seriously lost the cool...

Shamelessly Social #3

For the past few weeks I have covered over sharing, but this time I want to step off beat for a minute. Let’s discuss the flip side of social media. This...

Shamelessly Social #2

You would think that if a person took the time to plan and carry out a criminal act that they would do everything possible not to get caught. Well, that is not...

The Truth About Facebook

Facebook has become one of the biggest social networks, even bigger than Myspace ever was. We spend most of our lives on this site reading stories and statuses...

Life Without Technology

Here is the topic which we cannot even fathom to think of, or dare to. In a post-apocalyptic situation, how would we deal without technology? Read this article...

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